A passerby: “But who did this? Is it you?

THE FATES: “No, they’re the neighborhood kids!”

The passerby: “It’s beautiful! I can’t believe it! Did you do that during the Night?”

THE PARQUES: “No, in the middle of the day, on Wednesdays, Thursdays throughout the summer and EVEN on Sundays! Glad you like it, wait, we’re going to record you like that and we’ll play it to the children! They will be so proud!! “

Passerby: “And you also do things for adults?”

LES PARQUES: “It’s open to everyone! It’s like the comic book workshop, the children were between 3 and 66 years old!”


ART & NATURE PROJECT – Les Jardins d’Asphalte

Created by LES PARQUES, for the neighborhood

Funded by the ESH foundation, EFFIDIS, DPVI

Partnership during the summer and more Social Center 13 for all

Project Manager, General Director: Julie Dumont


A very big thank you to everyone!